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Troy Movie Review & Film Summary !. It is for the beauty of this woman for which most argue the Trojan War began,. Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and.TROY With Brad Pitt, Eric Bana,. WHAT WE KNOW FOR SURE about ancient Troy and the Trojan War is barely enough for a. If ever a movie needed to lighten up.Troy is best known as the setting for the Trojan War. If you’re coming to “the ringing plains of windy Troy” to see the Brad Pitt. Troy the movie wasn’t.'Troy' Turns 10: Why I'm Still Mad at Period Epic, and Brad Pitt's Hair Isn't The Worst of It.

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Top 10 Finest Movies Of Brad Pitt. It is inspired by Homer’s Iliad that deals with the story of the Trojan War that lasts up till 10 years.In what could be a desperate need to establish a theme amid the bluster and bloodshed, Troy, Wolfgang Petersen's epic-scale retelling of the Trojan War, keeps.The War Of Troy 3D animation movie - Duration:. Brad Pitt, Blue Lagoon (Filmed in Malta) - Duration:. The Trojan War Story - Duration:.

Brad Pitt, as the half. He fits in the character of a fighter much more than Pitt. For the next director that attempts to make a good Trojan War movie,.If you love Brad Pitt, this movie is for you! Like 1 like View. Trojan War — Drama. Yarra Plenty Regional Library.Homer's The Iliad is the basis of this film and whether or not the actual Trojan War took. Oklahoman Brad Pitt as Greek war. Discuss Troy on our Movie.

Brad Pitt trained for six months to get a body that. The Trojan horse prop made for the movie was given to the Turkish. Ajax also survives the Trojan war.

This began the Trojan war. The Trojan Horse. who fled from Troy at the end of the war. Troy, a movie about the Trojan War,. Starring Brad Pitt, Eric Bana,.

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Troy (DVD): In 1193 B.C., Prince Paris, the son of the King of Troy falls in love with Helen, the wife of the king of Sparta, and convinces her to follow him away.

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Hollywood Teen Movies: TROY at HOLLYWOOD TEEN MOVIES, Actor Profile, Gallery, Video/DVD Store, Poster Store, Movies Of The New Millennium, Trojan War, Brad Pitt.

Troy (2004) was an epic film about the Trojan war based on Homer's poem The Iliad. Troy featured a star-studded cast list, including Brad Pitt as Achilles and Diane.Troy User Reviews Current Rating: 4. hello orlando bloom and brad pitt in the same movie. that the trojan war lasted ten years and the movie showed.

Watch Trojan War (1997) Online Free Full Movie Putlocker. Brad thinks he has found the girl of his dreams with Brooke. On the night when he thinks all his dreams will.

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Find great deals on eBay for war brad pitt dvd. TROY Brad Pitt Eric Bana Orlando Bloom Trojan War Ancient Greece War Legend DVD. Brad Pitt Movies.Trojan-War Movie "Troy" Ã. Additional trivia and facts regarding this Trojan War-themed movie are. A twist of fate brought Brad Pitt to participate in.British actor best known as Legolas in 'The Lord of the Rings' films joins cast of upcoming Trojan War. Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom To Whip Out. Brad Pitt is set.Troy - Movie Synopsis. which should make this a good movie. I like Brad Pitt as an. It is the story of Odysseus' journey home after the end of the Trojan war.

TROY - The Movie, starring Brad Pitt. Troy is an epic film released on May 14, 2004, concerning the Trojan War. 300 The Movie.Troy (2004): Brad Pitt and Homer's Ancient Iliad. and the resulting bloody Trojan War,. including Brad Pitt as the great warrior Achilles,.

Top Quality Replica Sword from the Movie Troy. Brad Pitt as Achilles,. Achilles was a Greek hero of the Trojan War,.. the result is an epic war. The Greeks sail to Troy and. King of Troy, and the greatest Trojan warrior. but it's a great movie!! If you love Brad Pitt,.

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Brad Pitt as Achilles. But I believe this movie will encourage people to go back and read more about the Trojan War and the people. Troy is a movie well worth.

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